Welcome to Bradley Tree and Landscaping, a full service tree and landscaping company specializing in tree and plant health care with over 32 years in the business. As certified arborists, we’ve assisted many residents throughout western New York with their tree, shrub and forestry needs – from Emerald Ash Borer treatments to seasonal fertilizing, thinning, planting and pruning – also removals and stump grinding (as needed).

When you want to keep your shrubs & trees safe, beautiful, healthy and alive – or if it’s an unfortunate dead tree you want removed -we would appreciate your thinking of us and would be glad to meet with you to discuss the needs of your property. Please call us at 716-652-9126 or 716-537-9129 with any question or concerns.

It’s unlikely that a person would hire someone to perform surgery who wasn’t a doctor, or someone to do electrical work who wasn’t an electrician, yet why would people put their homes and properties at risk when it comes to tree care?

Although a number of people claim to know how to “do tree work,” in reality, some have little experience or lack the knowledge to work properly and safely. There is also the question of insurance.

That’s where a Certified Arborist comes into the picture. Consider contacting a Certified Arborist, such as us here at Bradley Tree. We are people who CARE for your trees….like you, we are interested in your concerns now, and the trees’ needs for years to come…Bradley Tree & Landscaping.

Rest assured that we have the expertise that you and your neighbors can count on, and have done so for over three decades. Referrals are always welcome. Thank you for choosing us to care for your property. We go to great heights to please you!

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